Things I Found Online - Episode 98

Tai & Randy


October 3 2019

It's TIFO on ice week, as we welcome skating royalty, Tai Babilonia & Randy Gardner, winners of the 1979 World and five(!) US Figure Skating Championships. Tai and Randy are joining us to talk about their astonishing careers, including their many successes and accolades, as well as the injury that pulled them from the 1980 Olympics. What was it like growing up in the spotlight and in our hearts? Randy’s astonishing story is coming to the big screen. Catch it here first on the big podcast. Plus, skating choreographer Sarah Kawahara is a friend and colleague of the duo and she is back to share their secrets and gush about her famous daughter Hayley Kiyoko! All that and a cute, canine Facebook Feedtime. The panel includes Jamie Alcroft, Danny Mann and host Louise Palanker.