Things I Found Online - Episode 87

Women in Multi-Media Journalism & Story-Telling


July 5, 2019

We welcome women who uncover truths and communicate important stories & ideas. Joining us are journalist Diane Dimond, Filmmaker, Ana Lydia Monaco and musician Eda Green. Diane has just released an update and an audio version of her book, "Be Careful Who You Love" which is the definitive account of the cases against Michael Jackson. Ana is a PR specialist turned filmmaker who is bringing under-represented stories to the screen. Eda is a young artist beginning to carve her online path. We discuss how technology has influenced their work, the larger landscape of women in media, industry diversity, career changes, managing controversy, offensive questions, online harassment, channeling insights and inspiration! Plus, we pose the question: “Is, ‘Where are you from?’ a micro-aggression?” Also, Facebook Feedtime clickbait.