@ 2019 Palcore

Things I Found Online - Episode 85

Polymaths & Multitaskers


June 20, 2019

Have you ever found yourself composing a tune while etching a still life in your personally constructed yurt? Then you may be a polymath!

We are welcoming a panel of poly-mathematicians, who excel in not just one or two, but several areas of expertise. We've got actor/writer/host/musician Zach Selwyn, front man of Zachariah & The Lobos Riders, composer/music director/speaker Nomad, and marketer/professor/podcaster/Tech start-upper Ted Willett from Trailer Junkies Podcast, who will talk to us about bitcast.fm, his podcasting platform startup. In addition to their accomplishments and endeavors we are engaging our guests in a discussion about some light Internet stalking, plus What's Twitter Trending is Taylor Swift and #YouNeedToCalmDown.