Things I Found Online - Episode 85

Polymaths & Multitaskers


June 20, 2019

Have you ever found yourself composing a tune while etching a still life in your personally constructed yurt? Then you may be a polymath!

We are welcoming a panel of poly-mathematicians, who excel in not just one or two, but several areas of expertise. We've got actor/writer/host/musician Zach Selwyn, front man of Zachariah & The Lobos Riders, composer/music director/speaker Nomad, and marketer/professor/podcaster/Tech start-upper Ted Willett from Trailer Junkies Podcast, who will talk to us about, his podcasting platform startup. In addition to their accomplishments and endeavors we are engaging our guests in a discussion about some light Internet stalking, plus What's Twitter Trending is Taylor Swift and #YouNeedToCalmDown.